Dual Margarita Machine

Ages: ALL AGES! (The Margarita Machine can be used as a slushy machine if alcohol is not added)
Item Description: The Margarita Machine is a fun treat for any event! The Dual Machine has two sides and makes yummy frozen margaritas! Comes with first mix- 5 gallons (Alcohol not included). We have Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Lime Margarita mix available.
Additional Information: An additional mix is $25, we do not include cups. We do provide instructions and walk you through how to use the Margarita Machine. They are also listed below: 1. Add water up to the Attention mark (About 185 oz). Add in 20 oz (2.5 cups) of Margarita mix. 2. Plug in Margarita machine. Turn on machine with green button on the right side of the machine. Flip all four switches on that are underneath the green button on the right side of the machine. 3. Let mix freeze! DO NOT ADD LIQUOR UNTIL FROZEN! 4. Add Liquor and additional mix to taste preferences. More about the Mixes: -Mix divides into thirds -Mix makes 5 gallons -appox. 80-8 oz servings Cleaning Fee: There is a $25 cleaning fee each Margarita Machine rented. That fee will be waived if you choose to clean the rental yourself.

$ 200.00

Rental: Dual Margarita Machine

(Subject to Availability)
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