225 Balloon Helium Tank

Additional Information: The Helium Tank makes 225 11′ Balloons.

Item Description: This size Helium Tank can make 225-230 Balloons! Balloons are a great gift at any event! Kids love different color choices of Balloons and think it is great that you can fill them right there! This size tank can also be used to fill enough balloons to make a Large balloon arch.

Customer needs to supply: The rental does include the regulator. The rental does not include Balloons or String and we do not fill the balloons.

You can add 225 Balloons for $25. If you do wish to add balloons, write this in the comment section of the reservation form.

This helium tank can ONLY be picked up at our location in Broomfield. They cannot be delivered regardless of area or order size.

$ 150.00

Rental: 225 Balloon Helium Tank

(Subject to Availability)
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