Bubble Soccer – Set of 10


Dimensions: A 40′ x 40′ area is suggested for running around safely.

Item Description: Play soccer with a twist! Jump in a bubble and run around with your friends! Bubble soccer is a great activity for Spring, Summer and Fall Events. Rentals include all you need to enjoy this game!

Additional Information: The rental includes 10 human bubbles, 1 Referee/Attendant, 2 Goals, 1 soccer ball, & a motor. While the bubble balls do not need continuous power, they will need electricity throughout the event for re inflation and will need an electrical source at set up to inflate the hamster ball. This rental is for 2 hours. If you choose to not have an attendant/referee, the rental is for 6 hours. 

Specials: These can be rented individually for $60 per bubble ball. Rent 4 or more and we will include 2 goals and a soccer ball. When 3 or less are rented, the soccer ball and goals are not included. To reserve individual soccer balls, click on the interactive game "Bubble Bowling - Each"

$ 600

Rental: Bubble Soccer - Set of 10

(Subject to Availability)
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