Human Foosball

Ages: Recommended for adults and kids ages 10 and up.

Inflatable Dimensions: 20'x40'. With the set up of every inflatable, we ask for 3ft of extra space around the outside. For this item, we would need a 23'X43' area for set up.

Item Description: NEW UNIT! This interactive game is a blast! Just like a Foosball table, but you are the kicker! Hold onto the bars and try to kick the ball into your opponents goal. Recommended for backyards, parks, gymnasiums, and other large areas. Can only be used on grass, concrete, or indoor FLAT surfaces.

Customer Needs to Supply: This unit needs 3 motors, so 3 separate outlets will be needed within 100 feet of set up. The rental is for up 6 hours and a delivery fee may apply depending on your location.  

$ 550.00

Rental: Human Foosball

(Subject to Availability)
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