Zorb Balls with Large Track


Dimensions: Coming Soon - The large track has 2-100ft lanes of track that cross in the middle

Item Description: Challenge your friends to a world of fun with the most insane race you’ll ever experience! Once you get inside, you'll understand the term human hamster ball. The Zorb Track helps to protect the Human Hamster Balls and the people rolling around. This track does come with 2 Zorb Balls.

Additional Information: An attendant is important to ensure the safety of those in the Zorb Balls. This could be a volunteer of your own or someone from our company. An attendant from our company is $30 per hour.

The Zorb Balls can be rented without the track. For more info, go back to our ''Interactive Games'' page and select ''Zorb Balls.''

Customer Will Need to Supply: While the Zorb Balls do not need continuous power, they will need electricity throughout the event for re-inflation and will need an electrical source at set up to inflate the hamster balls.

$ 550

Rental: Zorb Balls with Large Track

(Subject to Availability)
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