9 x 9 Oak Dance Floor (no Sub-Floor)

Item Description: Dance floors are great for events all year round! This small size of the Oak Dance floor is the 9 x 9. 

Subflooring: Dance floors that are set up on hard, smooth surfaces do not require the sub-flooring underneath the dance floor. Sub-floor is NOT needed when the dance floor is set up on the following surfaces: Concrete, Black top, Tile, Non padded carpet, and Hardwood floors. Don't see the surface you are setting up on? You will need a sub-floor.

The flooring must be set up on a flat surface. The Sub-floor does not make the floor flat enough to set up on a non-level surface.

Our standard Oak Dance Floor sizes are 9 x 9, 12 x 12, and 15 x 15. Custom sizes are available for the wood dance floor! Call the office for more details.

Want to pick it up? Picking up your equipment saves you money by eliminating any necessary delivery or set up fees. Pick up rental periods are for 24 hours and are available at our location in Broomfield. 

Want it delivered? We have a $250 minimum for all equipment deliveries. If your order does meet the minimum for delivery, the rental period is for 4-6 hours depending on your location. All orders containing a LED or Oak dance floor require a delivery fee regardless of location or order size. Set up and take down fees are also additional. When you submit your inquiry, we will respond back with those exact fees.

$ 125.00

Rental: 9 x 9 Oak Dance Floor (no Sub-Floor)

(Subject to Availability)
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