Item Description: Uplighting is one of the best things you can do to enhance your event. The lighting can turn an already good looking event location into a spectacular one that people will remember. The lighting can be set stationary on one color or slowly scroll through multiple colors.  

Price: The price per light decreases when more lights are rented. We will need the square footage of the area you would like lighted to generate a quote. We recommend 2 Uplights per 500 sq. ft.

1-11 uplights - $30 each
12-20 uplights - $25 each
21+ uplights - $20 each

Want to pick it up? Picking up your equipment saves you money by eliminating any necessary delivery or set up fees. Pick up rental periods are for 24 hours and are available at our location in Broomfield. 

Want it delivered? Please inquire within. 

If you are interested in renting Uplighting, please contact our Event Lighting specialist at 720-234-1996.

$ 30.00

Rental: Uplighting

(Subject to Availability)
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