Fun Size Movie Screen

Movie Screen Dimensions: The inflatable is 20×17 and the white screen is 12×7.

Item Descriptions: We carry the “The Fun Size” inflatable movie screen option which is perfect for backyard events, not too big or too small! This package includes the projection screen with a 4,000 lumens projector and sounds system. 

Additional Information: Our attendant will only deliver and install but will not stay through out the event. An attendant can stay throughout the event for an additional $30 per hour.

The rentals is for up to 3 hours. You can make it a double feature for an additional $60.00

Customer Needs to Supply: This item needs 3 electrical sources within 100 feet of set up. While a generator can be used to power the movie screens, we highly recommend standard wall electrical outlets for a more secure connection. Customer needs to supply the DVD movie. 

Particular events do require movie licensing. It is the customer's responsibility to acquire a movie license if the location requires one PRIOR to the event date.

$ 395

Rental: Fun Size Movie Screen

(Subject to Availability)
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