Superior Size Movie Screen

Movie Screen Dimensions: The inflatable is 30x22.5 and the white screen is 20x10.5.

Item Description: This size is perfect for corporate events, community events, and block parties. This package would include the projection screen with a 4,000 lumens projector and sounds system

Additional Information:  This size movie screen come with an attendant. Attendant will take care of set up, installation and will stay throughout the event to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

The rentals is for up to 3 hours. You can make it a double feature for an additional $120.00.

Customer will need to supply: This item needs 4 electrical sources within 100 feet of set up. While a generator can be used to power the movie screens, we highly recommend standard wall electrical outlets for a more secure connection. Customer needs to supply the DVD movie. 

Particular events do require movie licensing. It is the customer's responsibility to acquire a movie license if the location requires one PRIOR to the event date.

$ 595.00

Rental: Superior Size Movie Screen

(Subject to Availability)
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