Pipe and Drape

Item Description: Pipe and Drape is a great decoration at any event for any venue. Generally used to create a backdrop or transform a venue space into something new. Add lighting for a colorful effect!

Below are the basics of Pipe and Drape and more information on how to get a quote for your next event!

Drape – Is available in 8′, 10′, 12′ and 14′ heights.  Sized in-between can be achieved by puddling the drape.  The colors used are white (in all sizes) and black (8′ only)

Fullness of drape – The picture below shows the difference between the fullness options. The image to the left is 2 drapes, the image in the middle is 3-4 drapes and the image to the right is 6 drapes.


Horizontal – adjustable horizontal drape supports range from 7′-12′ wide. They are designed to meet any room size and will support all drapes.

Telescoping Uprights – adjustable uprights range from 7′-14′ high, unique slip-lock feature easily locks when pole is raised or lowered

Base Weight – Indoors: needed for drape above Ten (10′) feet in height, Outdoors: for all heights

To get a quote: In order to determine the most accurate quote please provide us with the following information:

  1. Height of the Drape: This will differ based on venue, often you can call the event venue to learn the high of the room.
  2. Linear width of space: Length x width of space you are looking to drape. Often there will be exits or areas that you do not wish to cover with pipe and drape, please provide that information as well.
  3. Fullness desired. Most often customers will rent the middle option from the information above.
  4. Delivery and Set up options: We do have staff available to deliver, set up and tear down. If you are on a budget you can avoid those additional fees by picking up the materials from our location in Broomfield and set up the pipe and drape yourself.

Additional Information: Set up and tear down are additional. For an exact price quote, please include the information listed above in an inquiry to [email protected].

Below is the basic pricing for Pipe and Drape pieces, each sections is roughly $37(8 ft tall), $43(10 ft tall), $59(12 ft tall), and $65(14 ft tall).

Piping Pricing:

Base- $5 each

Upright-$5 each (2 needed per section)

Crossbar- $5 each (1 needed per section)

Weight- $5 each (2 needed per section, for heights 12ft and higher)

Draping Pricing:

8 ft High Drape- $4 each (3 recommended per section)

10 ft High Drape- $6 each (3 recommended per section)

12 ft High Drape- $8 each (3 recommended per section)

14 ft High Drape- $10 each (3 recommended per section)

Lighting Pricing:(Lighting is optional)

Up Lights– $45-$50 each

For exact pricing please call us directly at 720-308-4300, please have the dimensions of the space you are looking to cover ready for us.

Pipe and Drape

Email for exact Pricing

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