Safety & Setup

To help make sure your event is a success, we have provided you with a pre-setup checklist. Our drivers arrive with a set amount of time to set up for your event, so preparation before your event date helps to ensure our drivers will be set up in time for your event.

• Plan a spot in a flat area. Each inflatable requires a different area, to get the exact dimensions read the description for the inflatable you are renting. Make sure to check for height as well, there cannot be overhead obstructions. Grassy areas are preferable.
Note: We do ask if we are setting up on grass or concrete before we arrive so that our drivers are prepared for set up.
• Please inform delivery driver of any underground sprinkler lines near setup area. At some parks and schools there are regulations as to the length of stakes that can be used, we need this information before arrival.
• Remove all sharp objects, toys, twigs, rocks, and clean ALL dog piles from the area, inflatables will NOT be setup in unsanitary conditions.
• Inflatables and any items requiring electricity need an electrical source within 100 feet; generators are available for an additional charge ($60-$120).
• No silly string is allowed on or near the inflatables! A $75 cleaning fee will be applied if silly string is found on the equipment. Silly string can permanently damage the material of the inflatables.
• All overnight rentals must be in a secured area.
• All orders must be confirmed before delivery date. We call you a few days prior to your event for a final confirmation.

At A Bouncy Bear we are dedicated to insuring the safety of our customers. All of our drivers are experienced in the set-up of inflatable bouncers. There are a few precautions we ask you to keep in mind throughout your event.

• Adult supervision is required at all times for all children. There are a few options to ensure adult supervision for your event. You can either have a volunteer of your own or you can have one of our staff members attend for $30/hr.
• Upon any threat of inclement weather, including strong winds (at or in excess of 20 mph), thunderstorms (especially when lightening is present), or severe cold weather (below 40 degrees), riders should immediately exit the inflatable(s). The blower/motor should thereafter be switched off and the inflatable(s) allowed to deflate.
• Never allow riders to jump in partially inflated equipment.
• Do not allow riders to play or climb on the walls, sides or roof of the inflatable