6ft Rectangular White Linen (Full Length)

Item Description: These Rectangular Full Length White Linens are for our 6ft Banquet Tables. They measure 90''x132''. We also have Lap Length linens available.  

Cleaning Fees: A $25 cleaning fee will apply for ALL linen rentals up to 12 linens.  After the first 12 linens, an additional $5 cleaning fee will apply per  12 linens. 

We do have a minimum of $250 for our equipment deliveries BUT we always accept orders for pick up. We are conveniently  located in Broomfield, CO.

If your order does meet the minimum for delivery, the rental is for 4-6 hours depending on your location. 

If you do pick up from our location in Broomfield, CO, the rental is for 24 hours.

$ 12.00

Rental: 6ft Rectangular White Linen (Full Length)

(Subject to Availability)
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